March 24, 2003

The Days Are Just Packed

Friday night’s festivities included a show at the First Unitarian Church with Pinback and Threnody Ensemble. Threnody Ensemble brought something really different to the show with a sort of indie rock chamber music blend that was truly enthralling. Their music was equal parts improv, performance art, and orchestral arrangement. I just love watching and hearing a cello played live. Sadly, the crowd seemed unimpressed, talking quite loudly over most of the set.

Pinback was next up and they definitely brought what the crowd was looking for. I have never seen them before (only recently being turned on to them), but wow, were they good. The heavy bass lines alone left me bewildered and the shared vocal duties between Aristead Burwell Smith IV (great name) and Rob Crow blended into a melodic package that made me wish more bands could pull it together so well.

Saturday was a wedding for Liz’s friends Shelly and Matt. It was a very nice service and also marked the first time I had been in a church in quite a while. I can’t help but feel like Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate when I walk into a church. You know the scene…he sticks his finger in the holy water and it starts to boil. While watching the marriage I became distracted, as is often the case, by a book sitting a few feet away. It was the Beginner’s Bible. I couldn’t help but chuckle at this. Sort of the Lord’s training wheels. What do I know anyway, the Pastor compared marriage to the stock market.

Sunday was another trip back to the Church, this time to see Cat Power. The show took place upstairs at the Church right in the main hall where services are held with the audience sitting in the pews. Hmm…three churches in one weekend. The show began over two hours late and started with two forgettable openers. Chan Marshall of Cat Power took the stage, first with a band for a few songs then solo for the rest of the expansive set, playing until 1AM. Maybe it was the combined efforts of the opening acts or Marshall’s slow droning voice, but I have never seen so many people falling asleep in church. I dozed for a few minutes myself, which only served to remind me more of the hours I have spent asleep in church. The set included a beautiful cover of Blue Moon which helped keep my eyes wide open and transfixed on the stage. I am very pleased she played as many songs as she did. I have heard horror stories of her running off stage after three songs due to her extreme stage fright. Seems like an odd industry to get into with a phobia like that. Maybe the shows are therapy.

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2. Kevin Cornell says… mar 28, 2003 | 7:50 am

I saw Cat Power once. This siamese lifted a car right off of a child! I was like “Wow!”