October 16, 2003

VH1 ILL-ustrated

Tomorrow night marks the premiere of “VH1 ILL-ustrated”, an animated sketch show from Camp Chaos. Friends Pete Dalkner, Matt Sutter, and Jeff Bandelin worked on the animation and production of said show (though sadly not the writing). Regardless, keep them employed by tuning in to VH1 at 10pm tomorrow night.

To drum up some media attention, Pete, Sutter, Jeff and others donned costumes and spent the day parading around Philadelphia as the Good Time Party Squad. Hilarity ensued. Check out their great costumes here. Make a game of it; can you tell who’s who?

Commentary (3):

1. Kevin Cornell says… oct 17, 2003 | 8:03 am

I believe Pete, Sutter and Jeff are all crammed into the joint. Jimbo Jones is in the other three costumes.

2. PeterSantaMaria says… oct 17, 2003 | 11:07 am

Too funny! Where were these photos taken?

3. sutter says… oct 17, 2003 | 5:51 pm

all over this grand city and not a single kick in the crotch. what a rip!