October 1, 2003

A Splash of October

Egads! Orange! Yeah, that’s right, orange. Though some of you have accused me in the past of often reverting to orange in my designs, this time I have an excuse…it’s October! In recognition of October being the best month of the year (and consequently occupying the best time of year), I have decided to throw together a quick color scheme facelift.

Ah, October. I can’t help but enjoy every moment outside. The air has a new chill, the leaves turn a myriad of colors and the nights take on a quiet stillness. Let us not forget (heavens no!) what else is in October. Yes, you are an astute reader, the correct answer is Halloween. Do I even need to say, the best holiday of the year? Nah, you already knew that.

So get yourself in the mood. Learn how to hack up a pumpkin real nice like, enjoy a few local (at least to me) ghost stories, and learn the true meaning of Halloween. Use this month (and every month for that matter, but especially October) to take in as many horror movies as you can. If you live in the Philly/NJ area, Exhumed Films is a pretty good place to start. Also, check out any creepy locales you can find. I am heading to Laurel Hill Cemetery for a tour on Halloween night. Bodies probably won’t come crawling out of the ground, but one can always hope.

Commentary (2):

1. Kevin Cornell says… oct 1, 2003 | 4:31 pm

This orange is putting me in more of a mischief-night mood than halloween mood. I think I’ll go blow up my mailbox.

2. Colin D. Devroe says… oct 2, 2003 | 9:21 am

Cool, an orange thats not overpowering of obtrusive. Hard to find.