July 11, 2004

Not Dead

Though the lack of updates might suggest I have run off with the circus or perhaps some hot design groupie, but the truth is I have been busy as hell. Part of that is work and part of that includes my attempts to have a life away from the screen in front of me.

Work has reached a fever pitch at TMX, sometimes, especially this coming week, requiring us to stay late and consume inordinate (and potentially unhealthy) amounts of pizza. This, coupled with my recent good fortune in snatching some hefty freelance money with some top-shelf individuals, has caused a tremendous lack of sleep and the overall depletion of the local coffee reserves. As an added bonus, all that freelance work afforded me a brand new camera. Look for a handful of new work and photography in a bit… as soon as I learn how to use this newfangled contraption.

Amidst all of this I have somehow maintained a girlfriend and managed to stagger outside a few times for quick stabs at a social life. In those brief moments I have taken in the glorious Spider-Man sequel, every bit as good as the first, and in some areas better (most notably the full hand of director extraordinaire, Sam Raimi).

This past weekend also marked another fun-filled annual family reunion. Like last year, we beat the old boys in bocce, though my team did lose in a later game. Unlike last year, I received multiple, humiliating ass-beatings in horseshoes. Rob was also unofficially inducted into the family this year. Having been in attendance for the past six years, this year’s appearance left many relatives saying “It wouldn’t have been the same without him here”. Well, now that you are part of the family Rob, you will be expected to do a “favor” from time to time. It just comes with the territory. I guess I was wrong last year. If you hold out long enough, it is just like the Olive Garden. When you’re here, you’re family.

Commentary (5):

1. Rob Weychert says… jul 12, 2004 | 6:56 am

I’ve been prepared to do the family a “favor” ever since your dad very kindly “helped me with my career.”

2. bearskinrug says… jul 12, 2004 | 8:42 am

Can I have help with my career? I seem to be overworked also…

3. Peter Santa Maria says… jul 12, 2004 | 12:15 pm

I will avenge my loss in Bacchi Ball next year!

“Throw another brown one!”

4. Tim says… jul 14, 2004 | 7:29 am

I’m looking forward to hearing more about your new camera. We just got back from our first real outing (2 weeks in Italy) with a digital camera. Our little Nikon Coolpix 3200 peformed outstanding. And while my old Nikon SLR film camera did a fine job, it’s getting tired and is having issues advancing film.

So, I began looking into digital SLRs, mainly the D70 and the Canon Digital Rebel. It’s tough to decide which to get. I’d love to hear why you chose the Nikon and your impressions of it as you begin playing.

5. Janco Tanis says… jul 18, 2004 | 1:41 am

congrats with the camera! an excelent choice. this will keep you away from blogging even more…