July 13, 2003

When You’re Here, You’re Family

This weekend was my family’s annual reunion picnic. My family is very Italian and despite what many of my friends would like to think, its not quite like The Olive Garden, nor is very much like the wedding scene from the Godfather (with children taking turns riding the family pig). It is however a great time to reconnect with those relatives you rarely see and load up on as much free food and drinks as you can without falling over (and then just a smidge more). Much to their yearly delight, I brought my family which consists of Rob, Pete and Matt (some of the other usual suspects like Liz, Mary, and my brother Pete had to decline for various reasons and were greatly missed). We quickly filled our bellies after we arrived, and just as quickly scored wins in rounds of horse shoes and bocce. Sadly, this year no one won the raffle of free groceries and liquor. We won’t complain though, bocce bragging rights for the year are not to be taken lightly.

Commentary (1):

1. ROb Weychert says… jul 14, 2003 | 1:30 pm

Our bocce skills pay the bills. Get off my dills and head for the hills. Suckas.