July 18, 2003

28 Days Later (Alternate Ending)

Apparently the ending to the much enjoyed movie, 28 Days Later, was not the only one in the can. Not only is there an alternate ending, but they are going to attach said ending to all prints of the film in the US starting on July 25th (after the credits). I have already seen the film twice, and don’t really need to take the time to praise it again (great great great). If you haven’t seen it yet (and you call yourself a horror fan?!), wait until after July 25th and get more bang (zombie) for your buck.


According to an article from the Times:

The current ending—fairly upbeat given what has come before—will still be there. It will now be followed, however, by a four-minute sequence, beginning with the on-screen words “But what if,” during which a darker, more desperate conclusion unfolds.

Commentary (5):

1. Kevin Cornell says… jul 23, 2003 | 9:58 am

Wait - they’re tagging it onto the movie - that’s gay.

2. Jason Santa Maria says… jul 23, 2003 | 3:16 pm

Gay zombies?! Oh no! So, its that kind of alternate ending.

3. sutter says… jul 23, 2003 | 7:46 pm

it will turn out that the butler did it all along. just as we all suspected.

4. ROb Weychert says… jul 23, 2003 | 11:16 pm

I hope the alternate ending involves dysentery in some way.

5. PeterSantaMaria says… jul 24, 2003 | 10:58 am

Maybe in the alternate ending they’ll give George A. Romero a coupla big bags with bright green dollar signs on them. It’s the least they can do for blatantly rippin’ off “Night of the Living Dead” AND “Day of the Dead”.

“28 Days Later” was good, but the ending(s), BOTH of them, are just craptacular.