January 24, 2005

2005 Bloggie Awards

Well then, it seems I am up for an award at the 2005 Bloggies. I can’t help but sigh after writing that because it sounds so silly. Bloggies. Despite gunning for “Best Asian Weblog”, I only managed to get into the finals for “Best-Designed Weblog”. I am pitted against some heavy contenders too, not least of which is a personal chum, Shaun Inman. You really should vote for me, because if I see you at SXSW in March, I will let you buy me a beer! I am told that nothing is better than a drunken Virtual Stan. If you can’t vote for me, due to religious reasons, vote for Shaun, he could really use a pick-me-up from all the people stealing his site. Be sure to drop a few votes in Jon Hicks’ box for “Best British or Irish Weblog”, and in Dooce’s for, well, many different categories. Not that she will really need the help.

Commentary (15):

1. Bandelin says… jan 24, 2005 | 2:07 pm

Most blogs should be thrown in a gas chamber, then have their gold fillings ripped out for good measure. However, I hope you win stan. Even though I’m definitely not voting. :)

2. Ian says… jan 24, 2005 | 2:39 pm

Stan- whaddayou the only blog on the fucking web? Jezis. Everytime I turn around yer gettin’ another freakin’ award over here.
Maybe the next time I see you, you’ll have a blogg…[snick] a blo.…[snicker] a.. bloggie on your shelf!

3. Matt says… jan 24, 2005 | 7:18 pm

pff if not for Stan do it for Zorthron dude…

4. Shaun Inman says… jan 24, 2005 | 8:16 pm

I’m with Bandelin—definitely not voting for Stan!

5. Jason Santa Maria says… jan 24, 2005 | 8:38 pm

That isn’t what he said! Read between the lines! Sabotage! :D

6. Jeff Werner says… jan 24, 2005 | 10:25 pm

I’ve tried to connect to the Bloggies (and vote!) for two days now, and keep getting a 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error. Anyone else get that?

7. RJ Hampden says… jan 25, 2005 | 12:11 am

Actually, yeah. I’m getting on the 509 as well.

8. John Serris says… jan 25, 2005 | 12:54 am

I was going to vote for Shaun, but since you are letting us buy you a beer…

9. Jason Santa Maria says… jan 25, 2005 | 7:01 am

Exactly, it’s win/win!

10. niff says… jan 25, 2005 | 9:05 am

I voted for stan, even though i hate your site. ha.
fo’ real’ do, It really is the best designed site. ( sorry shaun)

11. Greg says… jan 25, 2005 | 9:22 am

Sorry Jason, I’m going to vote for the Aviator. Anything that gets 11 nominations deserves to win everything.

12. qrayg says… jan 25, 2005 | 1:51 pm

I clicked the vote button so many times that I caused a 509 error… Muuuuaaaaaahhhh aahh aaahh!!

13. Indranil says… jan 26, 2005 | 1:22 am

Ummm… bear.
Ok, you win.

14. raymont says… jan 26, 2005 | 10:00 am

Looks like there’s a mirror site up: 2005 Bloggies.

15. paul haine says… jan 26, 2005 | 1:42 pm

Mirror site doesn’t work either. Will the site return before the voting deadline passes, eh?