January 7, 2005

Design In-Flight

Design In-Flight: Issue 3: January 2005

I have contributed an article entitled “Fighting Off Design Stagnation” to the latest issue of Design In-Flight magazine. The article deals with the problems designers and creative people go through as their career progresses like the pressures to remain current, competitive and imaginative. Luckily, I am friends with the talented Kevin Cornell and managed to convince him to create an illustration to accompany the article (he is easily persuaded by cured meats). Luckier still, Kevin’s illustration is so badass that the kind people at Design In-Flight were helpless but to feature it and my article on the front of the issue by bumping us up to the cover story. But wait, there’s more! Some other highlights in this issue: “Linearity”, an excerpt from Ellen Lupton’s Thinking With Type, in “Soup to NutsNate Steiner takes a detailed look at creating a CSS-based layout from start to finish, and (if you weren’t sick of me yet) Suw Charman puts me, Jon Hicks, Eric Meyer, and Todd Dominey in the hot seat to talk about publishing online in her article “Not Your Average Blogger”. One last bit, my article marks the first to be translated into Japanese. The translation rides side-by-side on the page with the english version (Mueller-Brockman style). I only speak fake Japanese when I play ninja on the roof at night, so if you happen to speak/read Japanese, I would love to know what you think of the article as well.

If you haven’t checked out Design In-Flight yet, you really should. Subscriptions are dirt cheap, just $10 for four issues (in PDF format), and each issue has so far been chock full of insightful articles. If you need some convincing, excerpts and a full list of features and articles are available on the January Issue page. Enjoy!

Commentary (13):

1. Ian says… jan 7, 2005 | 4:39 pm

I don’t even know what to say. Congratulations, I guess.

2. grayrest says… jan 7, 2005 | 5:46 pm

Was the January issue sent out? I never got it. DIF needs to just have an issue download page.

3. Malarkey says… jan 7, 2005 | 6:47 pm

Nice one matey…

… and I see that the *ssssshhhh* news is out too ;)

4. Amit Karmakar says… jan 7, 2005 | 8:47 pm

Nice one Jason, Well done!

5. David says… jan 8, 2005 | 6:19 am

grayrest - You should’ve gotten an email with details on how to download it - they didn’t deliver to me either.

I look forward to reading your article Jason!

6. Adam Michela says… jan 8, 2005 | 5:19 pm

Awesome article! Received my copy last night.

Congrats on the HG gig too! :)

7. Dean says… jan 8, 2005 | 10:17 pm

Hey there - I see you are a new “Cog” too. Lots happening in your world! Congratulations and best wishes.

I’m still up for a beer if you are. (Your contact form is busted?).

— Dean

8. Brian Cornett says… jan 10, 2005 | 2:54 pm

Just got done reading your article. Gives good advice and is well written. Thanks! and good luck with the new gig at Happy Cog.

9. wayne says… jan 10, 2005 | 3:37 pm

everything’s coming up santa maria. keep it rollin’, j.

10. Nick says… jan 11, 2005 | 1:01 am

I have been meaning to order a subscription to design in flight but i had never gotten around to it. For one reason or another, other things seem to divert my attention once I am online. Since you have an article, and featured on the cover no less, i won’t be putting it off.
I was just over on Zeldman’s where I read the news of your new job. Congratulations Jason.

See, I told you I would stop just lurking and contribute a post or two.


11. Mike Rohde says… jan 11, 2005 | 1:32 pm

Jason, your piece in the latest issue of Design In-Flight was well written and appropriate for my own state of mind recently.

You’ve offered some excellent tips for breaking out of the creativity rut, and have also turned me on to a great design magazine in DIF. Thanks!

12. Joerg Petermann says… jan 14, 2005 | 10:24 am

Well written. Nice to read. Thanks. :)

13. Bob Duncan says… jan 17, 2005 | 9:19 pm

This piece has been great for me and my recent “creative block”. I am a student and it is always nice to hear tips to escape the design dry spells.