December 27, 2003

Return of the King

Just a quick bit, since praise of all shapes and sizes has already been dolled out. Return of the King marks the conclusion of one the most ambitious works in film history. The three Lord of the Rings films were shot at once combining enormous scale in terms of sets, props, and detail, as well as groundbreaking special effects (not necessarily new since many of the techniques were perfected before the creation of those new fangled “computers”). Peter Jackson (as well as many talented people including WETA) brought John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s greatest work to screen with breathtaking realization. I enjoyed Return of the King immensely. The story was very true to the book (one small nit pick being the exclusion of The Mouth of Sauron…who will thankfully be in the Extended Edition) and the acting was spot on. A very good argument could be made for this being the best trilogy ever…

Great great great, ok, I am done stroking this movie off. Go see it if you haven’t, or call me if you are going to see it again.

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