April 21, 2003

Speaking of Sketchbooks…

…Kevin Cornell, local exotic male dancer/exotic male designer, has posted his most recent sketchbook online. I can’t help but be a bit taken back by the girth of it all. He is too talented for his own damn good. If my sketchbook looked like his I would rule the world (or at least a small island off the coast of Mexico). Kevin, you are a good friend, but I am going to have to chop off your hands. As for the rest of you, take a look.

Commentary (7):

1. mary says… apr 23, 2003 | 9:35 am

where’s your sketchbook, jason? oh that’s right. you don’t have one. ^__^

2. Jason Santa Maria says… apr 23, 2003 | 11:10 am

haha. Nice Mary. I do have a sketchbook, I am just aiming to keep my entries in it more regular like I said 2 posts ago. Thanks for the polite ribbing. I am still going to chop off Cornell’s hands.

3. Kevin Cornell says… apr 24, 2003 | 11:02 am

Damn! I use them a lot, too!

4. mary says… apr 24, 2003 | 2:25 pm

oh.… that entry. it was too long. i didn’t read it.

5. Jason Santa Maria says… apr 24, 2003 | 3:10 pm

Don’t get upset Mary, just sound the bigger words out. Keep at it champ!

6. km says… may 7, 2003 | 9:47 am

his work is WORTHY.. wow! i really like the interactive bear on the frontpage.. :-)

7. Chris Preston says… may 11, 2003 | 9:27 pm

Speaking of sketches, did anyone see that Paramount is making a SNORKS movie based off of that lame 80’s TV show? The SNORKS are going to fight off-shore dumpers and Japanese cod fisherman. There will even be a cameo from Gargamel from the Smurfs!!