June 15, 2003

Matt Sutter, he has the most impressive…

It’s birthday time again! Matt Sutter, owner of the largest Adam’s Apple on the Eastern Seaboard, turns 26 today. Let’s once again use the commentary for this post to show him how much we appreciate/despise his friendship by completing this phrase:

Matt Sutter, he has the most impressive…

Commentary (7):

1. Jason Santa Maria says… jun 15, 2003 | 10:13 pm

…and thoroughly disgusting rubber fingers.

2. liz says… jun 15, 2003 | 10:29 pm

…straightened hair for a white guy.

3. Kevin Cornell says… jun 16, 2003 | 9:42 am

…pheromones. Apparently.

4. ROb Weychert says… jun 16, 2003 | 10:28 am

…skank (between the sheets).

5. Peter says… jun 16, 2003 | 2:52 pm

love of malfunctioning police robot prototypes that have acronyms for names. It is also an amazing fact that there are very few degrees of seperation between Matthew Sutter and Kevin Bacon.

6. PeterSantaMaria says… jun 17, 2003 | 10:51 am

Skants (not quite pants, but not quite shorts either)

7. sutter says… jun 17, 2003 | 7:12 pm

…ly bad internet connection that he just saw this many days late. thanks!