June 23, 2003

Happy Birthday to me…

Today I turn 25 years old. Show me how much you love me by buying me things. You will find lists of things that I really need here and here.

Commentary (10):

1. ROb Weychert says… jun 23, 2003 | 11:45 am

Who knew, when I first noticed you as a green-eared lad of 18, a punk rocker in a sea of jocks, trying to play Bouncing Souls songs on your bass in your dorm room, that I’d be wishing you a happy 25th on the Interweb all these years later? Happy birthday, old friend.

2. Jason Santa Maria says… jun 23, 2003 | 12:09 pm

phhhtt…what do you mean trying to play?! I fucking rocked.

3. PeterSantaMaria says… jun 23, 2003 | 1:46 pm

Happy, Happy!

Joy, Joy!

Happy Birthday, Dood!

4. Peter says… jun 23, 2003 | 2:24 pm

…”I’m Stan! Meow!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” (said in a high pitched Stan-tone four part harmony).

5. liz says… jun 23, 2003 | 2:42 pm

gotta love the stan-tone four part harmony. we do it sooooo well, and it annoys him sooooo much!

6. mary says… jun 24, 2003 | 10:07 am

happy birthday. your features no longer scare me.

7. Kevin Cornell says… jun 24, 2003 | 5:09 pm

Happy Birthday, you stantastic bastard!

8. Kim says… jun 25, 2003 | 9:48 am

Happy Belated birthday! I’ll get you cups with your name on them!

9. sutter says… jun 26, 2003 | 7:58 pm

happy birthday sucker. on this (that) day i will sodomize you with my adams apple. hooray!

10. Kevin Cornell says… jun 30, 2003 | 6:58 am

Eww. Sutter… Jesus…