September 5, 2003

On the Horizon

Well, this site has been up and running for just over six months now. In that time I have learned much from my first stab at its design, and managed to pinpoint some of its shortcomings. Not being one to sit around and stagnate, I have already begun redesigning my site. I have learned a great deal since the current version went live, some of which will be incorporated into the forthcoming new edition. These things include, but are surely not limited to, using valid XHTML markup, possibly going the tableless route and use CSS for positioning (thanks to Mr. Zeldman and his book), a complete overhaul (mainly behind the scenes) of how the Portfolio and Photography sections are handled to incorporate even more hot dynamic Flash action, and maybe even some new sections.

What I now ask of you, loyal reader, is for your opinion on all of this. Mainly, what do you like or dislike about this site? Is there anything you would like to see incorporated or trashed? For instance, I have heard from a few people about the “commentary” portion of the posts. Some like the popups, some don’t. Would you rather see the commentary link to the individual page for the post, with commentary included, ala something like this? So, what else ya got? This is your chance to help make this site better and to increase your Jason-related enjoyment by at least 2 times*. Speak and be heard.

*actual value of Jason-related enjoyment may vary.

Commentary (8):

1. Kevin Cornell says… sep 5, 2003 | 11:54 am

I prefer the pop-ups, simply because I hate leaving the page I’m on. I know some people find them to be the most annoying thing on the planet - but provided it’s large enough, how is that THAT much different than a new browser window?

What, you don’t like scrolling, scrollee?

2. Kevin Cornell says… sep 5, 2003 | 11:55 am

Are you looking to “reskin” the site, or do a completely new layout?

3. Jason Santa Maria says… sep 5, 2003 | 11:59 am

The layout will more than likely change as well as the design (Since I will be rebuilding it from scratch).

4. PeterSantaMaria says… sep 5, 2003 | 12:34 pm

Less EMO…More ROCK! : P

CSS is definitely the way to go, even though it still has a few shortcomings. Have fun with the CSS positioning though. My head is ready to burst at this point trying to get images to line up correctly!!! GRRRR!!!


5. Liz says… sep 8, 2003 | 12:28 pm

I like to use this website to make fun of who or whatever is in the weekly picture…however that is hard to do if the picture can’t get any larger. Might I suggest the cabability of enlarging the picture by clicking on it.

Also, sometimes I like to make fun of things in the past, so an archive of the “weekly” pictures would totally help too.

6. Kevin Cornell says… sep 9, 2003 | 1:12 pm

I would like the photo of the week to change every week.

7. Jason Santa Maria says… sep 9, 2003 | 1:20 pm

*gasp* I’ve been found out! Yeah, that will change as well. I will either resolve to update it every week, or change the name. Perhaps Photo of the Year instead…

Any other issues? Does anyone use the Oddities & Diversions? Opinions on Listening, Reading, Watching? These will be moving to their own sort of section (since as of right now they take up the bulk of the About section).

C’mon! Is that all you got?

8. the niff says… sep 10, 2003 | 11:04 pm

the niff agrees with liz.

one, about making fun of people.…and two..about making fun of people.

oh yeah..and three…everything else she said.