September 12, 2003

Now You Know

Exceptional websites (some new and some old) you should know about:

  • bearskinrug - A brand spankin’ new redesign of the always obnoxious (but even more so as of late since you find yourself sitting next to him everyday at your new job) Kevin Cornell. My favorite part of the new site (which is sure to attract previous fans of the bear) is the new monkey (Mojo) email link in the lower right. Rollover it a few times.
  • Listamatic - Extremely helpful guide for using CSS to transform your boring old lists.
  • Samorost - Beautiful and immersive Flash game.
  • CSS Zen Garden - Exploring the boundaries of CSS driven layouts with visitor contributions and encouragement to learn from the designs by way of links to the source code. Especially nice is the Golden Mean.
  • DreamHost - Only the best web host on the planet. Seriously, if you need web space, get it here.
  • Stopdesign - Slick as hell XHTML and CSS layout coupled with some informational and intelligent writing.
  • Wedding Party Responsibilities - The third article in the series, Wedding Guide, from the always enjoyable Morning News. Makes for some good research for next October.
  • Freitag - Great idea for recycling; take used truck tarps, cut them up and create messenger bags. What’s more, you can customize your bag in real-time from the different tarps they have…and you can see which pieces of the tarps have already been taken. yes, it’s a bit too rich for my blood, but the idea is top shelf.
  • Visual Thesaurus - Online edition of a really useful app for hot reference action.
  • A Life of Letters - Listen to a radio interview with master typographer, Matthew Carter, who has created such typefaces as Verdana and Snell Roundhand, along with many others.
  • Maakies - Tony Millionaire chronicles the life and times of a monkey and a drunk crow.
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