September 12, 2003

Johnny Cash 1932-2003

I don’t really have anything to say that could possibly sum up this man’s life. There are just some people who shouldn’t get old and die.

Commentary (4):

1. PeterSantaMaria says… sep 12, 2003 | 10:40 am


R.I.P. Johnny Cash

2. mary says… sep 12, 2003 | 4:30 pm

never before have i been so affected by the passing of someone i did not know personally.

what an amazingly cool man in black.

3. sutter says… sep 12, 2003 | 5:32 pm

singing seems to help a troubled soul

4. Kevin Cornell says… sep 15, 2003 | 1:49 pm

My hat goes off to Johnny. There’s was no better guest star on the muppets.