November 9, 2003

Eddie Izzard is Sexie

I had been waiting for this past weekend for months. That’s because this was the weekend of the Eddie Izzard show (on the current Sexie tour). For those who don’t know, Eddie Izzard is a piss-your-pants-kind-of-funny transvestite comedian from England. You may remember him from such films as Shadow of the Vampire and The Cat’s Meow (as Charlie Chaplin), which are both good films, but his strength is really in his stand-up act.

If he comes through your town, and there are still tickets to be had, do yourself a favor and check him out. You will not be disappointed…hopefully he will do his Christopher Walken impression for your encore because it’s really damn funny. If you can’t bring yourself to see him live, then at the very least treat yourself to his HBO special, Dress to Kill. Hilarity will ensue.

Commentary (1):

1. wayne says… nov 10, 2003 | 10:52 am

i second this recommendation. heather and i also went to sexie, and have been dress to kill fans for a while. very funny. so funny heather bought a t-shirt…