April 12, 2004

Philadelphia Film Festival 2004: Part 1

Last night our short film Lunch Break screened as part of the Philadelphia Film Festival in the “Best of the 48 Hour Film Project” (which also included nine other films from the competition). The film went over very well, and we even picked up an award for “Best Editing”, though the thumbs-up for that really goes to Josh Meyers and Jeremy Fernsler. Later, we were treated to an after party of free food and overpriced drinks, but also the opportunity to talk to some of the teams’ members. We enjoyed many handshakes and back-pats on our technical prowess, though just as many puzzled reactions spurred by what our film was in fact about. I also walked away with the knowledge that I am a particularly proficient drooler. Hopefully I will not be typecast for future weekend-western-films.

We got a chance to have a long chat with the nice people at Citizen Wumpus Productions, creators of one of our 48 hour favorites, Rolodex Girl, and drummed out the possibility of both our teams pooling our resources to work on a legit short film this summer… one that wouldn’t need to be completed in 48 hours time.

Saturday night I took in Tobe Hooper’s latest film (also in the fest), The Toolbox Murders. While not good by any means, the film was enjoyable enough to hold my attention and elicit a few laughs. The best part of the night was Mr. Hooper taking the stage afterwards for a Q & A, sharing some humorous insights on some of his films like the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, its sequel, Poltergeist, and his original idea for a Poltergeist sequel that never came to pass.

Commentary (3):

1. PeterSantaMaria says… apr 12, 2004 | 11:06 am

My Tobe Hooper impersonation: “Umm, uh, uh…ya see…well, it’s like this…um, uh, uh, um…hope that answers your question.”

Congrats you crazy kids on the “best editing” award!

2. Christoph says… apr 13, 2004 | 10:22 pm

Kickass film. Very unusual, yet appealing stuff. Still, I’m gonna have to go with Dial-A-Spy being the best from what Bredstik’s got to offer. Nice work, bud.

— Chris

3. Todd says… apr 14, 2004 | 11:14 am

Did Hooper address all the rumors that Spielberg “really” directed Poltergeist?

The TCM stories must have been good.

Also, great little short film there, really cool stuff.