June 8, 2004

Web Graphics and me

I would like to welcome myself aboard the Web Graphics team. There is already a wealth of knowledge contained in their site. My presence and sporadic tangental posts will surely muddy up that knowledge. Better head on over there and read up while the bar is still pretty high. Thanks for inviting me fellows!

Commentary (5):

1. Todd says… jun 8, 2004 | 1:41 pm

Congrats Jason! Look forward to reading your stuff here and there.

2. Jon Hicks says… jun 8, 2004 | 5:44 pm

Cool! Congratulations!

Did you have to undergo any sort of locker-room ‘new kid’ ritual?!

3. Jason Santa Maria says… jun 8, 2004 | 5:50 pm

Yeah, a few atomic sit-ups and, well… let’s just say I won’t be sitting down for a bit. But now that it’s all over, I sure am happy to be a member!

4. Shaun Inman says… jun 8, 2004 | 9:10 pm

I give it two months of your disarming charm before they change the name of the site to “Web-Graphic-Novels.com”—and then another month till they lose the “Web” all together!

5. Anton says… jun 8, 2004 | 11:41 pm


heh heh.… heh heh heh heh.…

you said “member”.


seriously - cool deal - hope it bodes many great things for your future, my hypertext friend.