August 4, 2004

On the Subject of Sock Monkeys

After I posted about Rollo’s shirt on Threadless, I’ve gotten a few requests along the lines of “Wow, where didja get that monkey?”, “Why is your monkey telling me to eat shit”, and “Does Rollo do bar-mitzvahs?”. I hope to answer a few of these and also shed some light on the sock monkey phenomenon as I see it.

The Bredstik Sock Monkeys

Our sock monkeys come from our friend Mary. I say our meaning the original Bredstik gang from school (and mostly still today) which consisted of Mary, Rob, Pete, Matt, and me. I believe the tale goes that Mary received a sock monkey kit from someone and made said monkey for Matt (later named Chew). There was much rejoicing. Mary, then enamored for life with sock monkeys, set about making more. Many more. She made Rollo for me, The Monkey for Rob, and Preston for Pete. Somewhere in there Mary’s sister, also enamored with sock monkeys, created Zong for Mary. That was all about 6 years ago. Since then they have occupied an old place in our day to day lives and will often take the place of fists in friendly beatings, demonstrate lewd activities for onlookers, and accompany us to different countries (usually keeping their own travel photo-diaries). Whatever the situation, they make us laugh heartily.

Mary made lots of sock monkey for friends, two of particular note would be Kevin’s Mojo and Kim’s Lewis (seen here on vacation). This is of particular interest because after Kim received Lewis she took it upon herself to become a monkey making machine. Since then she has opened a website, Sock Monkey Drawer, where she sells finely handcrafted sock monkeys to the masses. I remain of the opinion that everyone should have a sock monkey in their life, and you will not find better crafted ones for sale anywhere. Each one is lovingly handmade and imbued with a unique personality and name. As far as ours: Chew is not known for much other than silence and little-to-no personality, Rollo seeks domination over others, The Monkey can often be found destroying happiness and causing mayhem, Preston is always good for a smile, and Zong relishes the cute, peaceful things in life. As far as you: Go tell Kim you can’t live without one.

For those who asked, Kevin elaborates on Rollo a bit more and whipped up a nice desktop of Rollo and best friend, Tuna. Enjoy!

Commentary (6):

1. Gabe says… aug 4, 2004 | 10:37 am

That is the coolest! I want a whole army of sock monkeys!

That photo is the funniest! The Monkey looks like the playful/goofy one, Chew is the funny but serious one, Rollo is the psycho, Zong is the smart and sensible one, and Preston…is…well, Preston.

Just like any other group of best friends ;)

2. RJ Hampden says… aug 4, 2004 | 11:48 am

It’s as if one’s monkey would take on the personality if it’s owner.
I’d have to say that mine would have 3 legs and could be found at the mall on the escalator, looking up ladies’ skirts.
“That’s a good Ronco!”

3. mary says… aug 4, 2004 | 1:43 pm

I think I actually just shed a tear. I’m not kidding.

4. RJ Hampden says… aug 4, 2004 | 2:01 pm

Whoa! Is that the Mary?
Maybe it was just some very touched lambstress.

5. niff says… aug 4, 2004 | 8:39 pm

cant be RJ, i think she is just a mysterious wonder that we hear stories about. i think i saw her once though.…but it was dark.

im just kidding btw. no one get mad at me.


6. niff says… aug 4, 2004 | 8:41 pm