August 29, 2004

Fessing Up

After some deep introspection, I have come to the conclusion that I should be totally honest with you. I am not a lieutenant in the Marines and author of best selling book, The Marine Corps Way. I have never met Secretary of State Colin Powell, nor have I ever been given an award by him. Sadly, I also never fronted the now defunct west coast garageband FridgebuZZ as resident lead guitarist. I am sorry if I have misled any of you.

Alternatively, Kevin Cornell of fame is not the president of Inprise Canada, but is in fact also a Chippendale dancer and 200lbs of rock hard muscle (second row).

Commentary (11):

1. Johan Edlund says… aug 29, 2004 | 2:53 pm

Time for me to fess up as well: I’m really the singer in Tiamat.

2. Ryan Brill says… aug 29, 2004 | 3:20 pm

I feel… betrayed.

3. Shaun Inman says… aug 29, 2004 | 3:53 pm

Is it time for another intervention Stan?

4. Gabriel Mihalache says… aug 29, 2004 | 5:02 pm

Nah! I bet you’re just been recruited by Navy Intelligence to be their sleeper mole in the design underground!

5. Kevin Cornell says… aug 30, 2004 | 8:47 am

Marines, eh? That explains those six years you disappeared. And how you snapped that guy’s neck with your bare hands.

6. wayne kobylinski says… aug 30, 2004 | 10:45 am

damn all of you and your non-unique names. “i can google myself and find all kinds of funny alternate identities. i’m so cool. my name is great.” you should consider the feelings of all of us who stand alone in the world, with no identical name twins to provide us with material for humorous blog posts. [sniff] my only consolation is that kevin cornell is totally hot.

7. Rob Mientjes says… aug 30, 2004 | 12:31 pm

No! This can’t be happening! Is this all true, what you say here?

And Wayne, I’m the only active Rob Mientjes in the world. My name twin has a couple of pages on which he’s featured, but he doesn’t do XHTML, semantics or design, so no confusion on that one :D

8. Jim Amos says… aug 30, 2004 | 5:43 pm

I cringe every time somebody googles me. Though I wouldn’t really mind being the ex CEO of Mailboxes ETC, I hate to think there might be people out there who think I am a 47 year old American who is a big fan of Britney Spears! Why do I have to share my name with such a loser? Ugh. Isn’t there some kind of google hit man we can hire to bump these people off the list?

9. RJ Hampden says… aug 31, 2004 | 12:18 am

Imagine Googling yourself and coming up with a loser like this guy.

What is that? A meatball?

10. Tim Hill says… aug 31, 2004 | 1:45 am

man i got screwed over,, .biz, and .info all taken,
they all players, i’m the real deal

and there is some guy called Tim Hill who directed Muppets in Space

11. Terrence Ryan says… aug 31, 2004 | 10:55 am

It could be worse. I evidently like corndogs. That’s it. Somewhere out there is a guy with my name who really likes corndogs. So much so that it constitutes his entire online identity.