September 20, 2004

CAmm Slamm 2004

This past weekend found us all in Baltimore to take part in CAmm Slamm, another weekend film competition. We are starting to become weekend film regulars; Dial-a-Spy last year, Lunch Break earlier this year, CAmm Slamm this past weekend, and the National Film Challenge in two weeks… who the hell needs sleep anyway! Luckily this time we were only going to help friends make their film for CAmm Slamm, which meant we didn’t have to be involved in as much of the organization and setup to pull the whole deal off. On the other hand, it was decided at some point to up the stakes and make two films in a weekend rather than all the other suckers who wanted to get their precious sleep and make one film. The films would intersect and, when played in remote succession during the Sunday evening screening, would pull off a stunning ruse. Somehow, both films got done, totaling over 14 minutes of footage in a mere 48 hours. The first film is Night of the Science, a black and white pulp horror/sci-fi thriller where man tries to play god and inevitably screws all of humanity. The second film, Day of the Meth, follows two unlikely heros in a effort to get a decent meal and save their asses from getting shot. I got to flex my acting muscles again in Day of the Meth, playing a gruff drug dealer hell-bent on getting even. The films may be online someday, but until then you will have to get by with the CAmm Slamm behind-the-scenes photos I took.

Commentary (7):

1. Shaun Inman says… sep 20, 2004 | 2:43 pm

Stan, you’re the only person I know who consistently confuses bleeding profusely with acting.

2. Jason Santa Maria says… sep 20, 2004 | 2:48 pm

Then I will remain forever confused. I was a drug dealer and I had to pay… at the claws of the hideous Manosaur.

3. Bearskinrug says… sep 20, 2004 | 2:53 pm

Holy shit! That dinosaur costume is AWESOME!

4. RJ Hampden says… sep 20, 2004 | 11:23 pm

You guys are going to have to work pretty hard to impress me more than you did with that Dial-a-Spy progrum.

5. Yannick L. says… sep 20, 2004 | 11:32 pm

Nice pics Jason. Can’t wait to see how the films turned out. =)

6. Peter Santa Maria says… sep 21, 2004 | 10:58 am

Leave it to my brother to look like a zombie John Bender when trying to play a drug dealing hood!

Lookin’ forward to seeing these movies!

7. Redstar KGB says… sep 21, 2004 | 11:24 am

Jason failed to mention that he was directly responsible for all the make up, as well. Watching him spray a tightly rolled tube of liquidified fluff across Lindsay’s face, well, that’s just a thing of beauty. Great work and great photos!