December 20, 2004

Bearskinrug Version 5

The Bearskinrug of tomorrow… today! That’s right folks, Kevin Cornell, longtime friend and fellow homebody, has redesigned his site. Long gone are the iframes and comment pop-ups, paving the way for a more user friendly (and Kevin-friendly) experience. Now that he is a full time self-employed illustrator, Kevin’s main goals with this redesign were to focus more heavily on his body of work and also to give himself an outlet for more frequent sketches and artwork to be displayed. He has made the jump to CSS and Web Standards, and good golly, even has syndication options available. There are lots of goodies waiting for your perusal, including lots of downloads and a huge backlog of sketches. And don’t worry kiddies, even though the pet bear may not be on the home page anymore, he is only one click away. If you need some illustration work done, drop him a line, because his stuff is shit hot. Kevin is one of the most talented people around, so join me in saying congratulations to him on his new site. Head on over to Bearskinrug and breathe in that new website smell.


Now Bearskinrug is a Web Standards Award winner!

Commentary (7):

1. Mike D. says… dec 21, 2004 | 12:41 am

I came here looking for rug I found for sale on your internets. Will you ship to Seattle please? I need rug which conforms to web standards. Please ship via e-mails.

2. Colly says… dec 21, 2004 | 5:38 am

That’s a phenomenal site. I just wasted a whole hour over there. I just started working with ace illustrator Jon Burgerman on a new site for him, which we’ll probably launch in eight months, as we’re both slackers. Suffice to say, Bear Skin Rug has just given me a whole new truckload of inspiration for that job.

3. nif says… dec 21, 2004 | 11:21 am

you should be posting about the harry potter release date!
c’mon stan, get on it…screw kevin!!!
ha. i still have to go see the site, but i have no doubts its beautiful.

4. niff says… dec 21, 2004 | 11:36 am

well, it should be a headline. i jumped out of my skin with glee!!
didn’t you?
we are such dorkas Mcforkas.

5. Peter Gifford says… dec 21, 2004 | 5:45 pm

Ahhh, the wonderful shag pile. I still look up on my wall at the ol’ Machiavelli cartoon and chuckle, even to this day … I must get myself an job with illustration in it as soon as I can so I can have the pleasure of giving him money. I must! The man is inspired!

Nice site too.

6. kingbenny says… dec 22, 2004 | 8:40 am

its beautiful, actually I’ve been under a big comfy rock - I never saw the old BearSkinRug til just now… also pretty impressive.

7. RJ Hampden says… dec 22, 2004 | 2:50 pm

Nice CSS TOC he’s got there. And there’s a joke good to boot.