December 27, 2005

ALA In HOW Magazine

February issue of HOW Magazine

In February’s issue of HOW Magazine there is a special section devoted to Typography. In it, as part of an article entitled “Viva Verdana”, they chose to highlight the recent redesign of A List Apart, which makes heavy use of Verdana and Georgia. Among some dissection of specific styles from our CSS, we scored a screenshot and a kind blurb:

A List Apart, an invaluable resource for web designers, uses CSS to create pages that are visually enjoyable to read. A style sheet renders the attractive paragraph spacing.

Ever since I started learning about design I’ve been following magazines like HOW, Communication Arts, and Print. I don’t do much print work these days, so the chances of my work appearing in one of these magazines isn’t that great. This sort of recognition for CSS based sites from one of the other camps of commercial design helps bridge the gap between us and lets traditional designers realize that the web ain’t all that bad to design for after all. It’s a great way to end the year and put a smile on all our faces.

Special thanks to Dan Mall for the tip on the article.

Commentary (14):

1. Dan Mall says… dec 27, 2005 | 10:41 am

Congrats Stan! The new ALA design is definitely a typographic treat, and it’s great to see that established design magazines are recognizing that.

2. AkaXakA says… dec 27, 2005 | 10:46 am


The design really deserves it :)

3. Miko says… dec 27, 2005 | 1:52 pm


4. Mike Rundle says… dec 27, 2005 | 2:31 pm

Great job man!

5. Galen says… dec 27, 2005 | 2:45 pm

Yeah, well done. It’s great getting recognition and especially from those you respect.

6. Smallest Photo says… dec 27, 2005 | 2:56 pm

Certainly well deserved.

7. steve says… dec 27, 2005 | 3:42 pm

that’s hot, really hot

8. Jan Brašna says… dec 28, 2005 | 7:33 pm

Wow, great job, Stan! Since your work is tremendous, this recognition is a merited success, isn’t it? :)

9. Stephen says… dec 29, 2005 | 2:12 am

I hate to nitpick your site as I love the design, but the BLOCKQUOTE in your post is going under the floated image. I promise I won’t insult your intelligence and tell you how to fix it. ;)

10. Jason Santa Maria says… dec 29, 2005 | 6:44 am

Stephen: I am totally aware of it. Once I published this entry I went to go fix it, then realized I actually liked it that way, so it stayed. Thanks for caring though :D

11. Khoi Vinh says… dec 29, 2005 | 8:05 am

When I was about twelve, I had no idea what ‘graphic design’ was but I was lucky enough to have a neighbor who worked at a local printing company. He found out that I had a passion for drawing, and he would bring home spare paper for me to draw on all the time, stacks and stacks of it. One day he brought back some issues of Print and How — I still look back at those issues as pivotal factors in my eventual decision to pursue design. So anyway, my point is that my affection for those magazines goes back a long way… and I’m a bit envious you got in there!

12. Jon says… dec 30, 2005 | 11:07 am

Congrats. While it’s great to see you in HOW, it’s also great to see a little standards recognition in the print media. Hooray!

13. Marko Petkovic says… jan 4, 2006 | 8:10 pm

That’s very big success. Congrats.

14. Mike Propst says… jan 14, 2006 | 1:47 am

It’s great to see a web site recognized for something like typography. It’s even better that you were able to create typography worthy of that recognition in a medium notoriously short on in that department.