November 1, 2006


October has once again come to a close. The days have become frightfully short—the sun barely even stops by anymore—the trees are busy shrugging off their Technicolor coats, and just as Mr. C says, memories of our departed loved ones come back abruptly, and sometimes, painfully. Alas, I welcome November and bid a fond farewell to another eerie October. Sadly, this means I must also part ways with my beloved October Edition. Don’t fret; you can always find this year’s costume archived along with any entry from October. Forevermore.

Though the old and dusty cloth-bound tome is gone, I’ve decided to make the drop caps a more permanent fixture, however, they will be set in the typeface Century to better mesh with the usual site design. I grew quite fond of having them around last month; they not only round out the posts a bit more, but add a nice bit of visual oomph. I will need to clean up a handful of older posts to work with them, but the majority of the site is already good to go (you may need to clear your cache).

This Saturday I am off to Austin, TX for the last An Event Apart of the year. I hope to squeeze in a quick showing of either Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with live orchestra accompaniment at the Alamo Drafthouse (the amazing theater where we are also holding AEA) or the original Halloween at the Alamo Village. It honestly think it will be a bit weird to be in Austin and not see hundreds of people swarming the streets like there are during SXSW. I’m really looking forward to not only the fun times we always have at AEA, but also the chance to actually see more of Austin than the convention center. After all, I still need to see those bats.

Commentary (14):

1. Wade Winningham says… nov 1, 2006 | 8:54 am

You may have missed the bat season. At some point around this time of year they all fly south to Mexico. You can probably ask at your hotel to find out for sure though.

2. Keith says… nov 1, 2006 | 11:03 am

I think it is a bit late in the year for the bats. However, they told me last year at SXSW (after the geeks had gone home) that the bats wouldn’t be there yet and they were. It’s pretty crazy, even if it’s not in the think of bat season.

3. Tom says… nov 1, 2006 | 11:38 am

October was a fun month — your “costumes” are always a delight. I’m curious, though, what CMS you use and how you got the seasonal styling for just those October posts embedded in the pages…

4. the Brightside says… nov 1, 2006 | 2:55 pm

Yeah, bat season’s over and done, for the most part. There are always stragglers, and with this year’s average temperature being so high, they might not have given to the impulse yet.

The Drafthouse is a very cool place, though as I already can’t stand people talking in movies the whole restaurant atmosphere is a bit much for me to take if it’s a film I haven’t seen before :).

Figures that AEA would head to Austin a scant two months after I move away from the place… if you can’t take to the Drafthouse, check out Stubb’s, if someone good is playing there.

5. Jason Santa Maria says… nov 1, 2006 | 4:28 pm

Drat! No bats! Oh well, I will try and see them at SXSW in March.

Tom: Thanks! I actually still use MovableType. Though, I have been getting more and more exposure to Expression Engine, and am seriously thinking about migrating to it. Now, it’s just a matter of investing the time to figure how to get it jumping through the same hoops as MT.

I style those pages the sort of dirty way: I just insert the seasonal stylesheet at the end of the entry. I know it’s not the most optimal, but it works well enough and it’s only for a handful of entries.

the Brightside: Where are you located now? AEA may be traveling near you soon enough!

6. Taylor says… nov 1, 2006 | 11:19 pm

*sigh* always sort of sad to see October go, but at least November has Thanksgiving! I enjoy the drop caps. Very nice.

7. bearskinrug says… nov 2, 2006 | 8:04 am

I think you need to do some kind of Thanksgiving themed site now, Stan. You know… make all the buttons look like corn… replace the dropcaps with a Turkey In Pilgrim Hat animated gif…

8. Jason Santa Maria says… nov 2, 2006 | 8:30 am

Clearly, I didn’t think this through! *gobble* *gobble*

9. Adam Norwood says… nov 3, 2006 | 12:09 pm

For what it’s worth, you may not be too late to see the bats! There’s actually a Bat Hotline you can call (I like to picture it as a blinking red Batphone down in the Batcave someplace): (512) 416-5700, category 3636. You might have to wait through some ads, but it’s updated regularly with the approximate emergence time for the Congress Avenue bats.

You could probably see the bats fly out, then walk over to the Drafthouse for the 9:00 Dr. Caligari show…

10. Jason Santa Maria says… nov 3, 2006 | 12:19 pm

Oh, SWEET! Bat Hotline! Thanks :D

11. goodwitch says… nov 3, 2006 | 10:28 pm

Need me to arrange for hundreds of people to follow you around Austin so it feels like SXSW? (pulls out “little black book”…scratches head…post “Meet Virtual Stan in the Flesh” on Upcoming…giggle…just kiddin’)

See ya Monday!

12. Ben Kimball says… nov 7, 2006 | 11:19 am

Great show yesterday, thanks for coming! I had a great time.

I’ve been tinkering with Expression Engine recently, too. I’m liking it, so far. I’m a big fan of their CodeIgniter framework (separate product).

13. xakep says… nov 17, 2006 | 11:48 pm

No bats!

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