March 2, 2004

Web Standards Awards

Hooray for me! I have won a Silver Star award from the Web Standards Awards (A competition much more fierce and bloody than all of the Academy Awards ceremonies combined) for this beloved site of mine. I am very honored and proud, as are all of the little kindergartners I “employed” to produce the site… but that is only because I tell them to be very honored and proud. Special thanks to the kind-hearted fellow or lady who felt compelled to nominate me. Cheers!

Commentary (4):

1. SHUA says… mar 2, 2004 | 2:11 pm

a well deserved web-standard award i might add.

you’ve got one fo the classiest blogs i’ve found, jason.

keep up the great work.

2. Liz says… mar 2, 2004 | 3:52 pm

What can I say, I am just so proud of my man! :)

3. PeterSantaMaria says… mar 2, 2004 | 4:41 pm

What, your site’s not good enough for the C. Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field Of Excellence?!?!?!

Well, congrats anyway Stanny!

4. Wayne says… mar 7, 2004 | 11:22 pm

How could a site with no bear possibly win an award?