March 4, 2004

A Year in the Can

By that title I am not referring to a year spent on the toilet, but another year down. That’s right, one year ago today I launched this website anew. It has been online in some incarnation for the better part of four years, though this past year it took a much different spin. A year with Movable Type, a year with trying my hand at some writing, and a year with a serious stab at maintaining a real site.

Here are some useless statistics from the year:

  • Total Entries: 86
  • Total Comments: 275 (Kevin Cornell wins out with a disturbing 60 comments. Rob Weychert and Peter Santa Maria tie at 38. Better luck next year! Vie for my attention!)
  • Most Popular Categories: Personal (22 entries), Film (19 entries), Random (16 entries)
  • Band Names: 124 (Though many more were submitted) some highlights include: Wookie Goldberg, Minty Hooks, Ambush Bear, Born on the Cob, The Ice Cream Socialists, Urethra Franklin, The Darling Tops, Endangered Feces
  • Leisure: Books Read (26), Films Viewed (45), Albums Listened to (48) (These obviously don’t account for repeat readings/viewings/listens, only items which were new to me)
  • Oddities Entries: 180

In my eyes, the biggest success is having a detailed document to an entire year of my life. Sort of like a digital time capsule, and yet another thing for my future grandchildren to make fun of me for. “Jeez Grandpa, didn’t you have hyper-porno-goggles back then?”

How long can I really keep this up? Two more years? Five? Hmmm… by then these blogs should be writing themselves. The kids will be all like “Web Standards? Well, duh. Is it possible to even make a website without those? You don’t want Zeldman’s Standards Militia to annex your site, do you?”

Commentary (6):

1. Kevin Cornell, ‘Most Comments’ Winner says… mar 5, 2004 | 9:31 am

Hey - Weychert, and Pete - Eat My Shit! And I’ll take the crown next year, too!

2. Kevin Cornell, ‘Most Comments’ Winner says… mar 5, 2004 | 9:31 am

Remember, Eat my shit!

3. Merritt says… mar 5, 2004 | 6:18 pm

Comment # 1 - 3/5/04

4. niff says… mar 5, 2004 | 8:20 pm

wow guys, are you really going to let cornell talk to you like that?

congrates on a year well done stanny. glad i could be a part of it, even if for a small portion.

happy stan year!

5. Wayne says… mar 7, 2004 | 11:30 pm

Your stats are all screwed—it was a leap year. Kevin’s total should be adjusted to 59.836 to account for the extra day. We wouldn’t want a wind-aided performance to stand in the record books.

6. Merritt says… mar 9, 2004 | 5:57 pm

Comment # 2 - 3/9/04 - you’re in the admiral’s sights, Cornell…