March 29, 2005

Pigs Fly

The day you’ve been promised, then promised again, then promised a few more times, has come. The new version of Rob Weychert’s site has gone live. Mere years in the making, countless revisions and scraped comps (some of which were very nice), Rob staggers forth, triumphant. Besides being a good friend, Rob is also the torturous brains behind Virtual Stan. I am very happy his site is back, and look forward to what’s to come. As for the site itself, beautiful blackletter masthead, solid and meticulous layout (one of Rob’s strongest tendencies), great features like a Daily Haiku (incorporating’s word of the day), and an obligatory sock monkey fix with “Ask The Monkey”, make it an instant winner in my book. Congrats Rob.

Commentary (13):

1. Ian says… mar 29, 2005 | 5:22 pm

And here I was, two hours from the email informing him that there was a typo on his site promissing the delivery of a new website today. Really swanky, ROb. This is what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day. Great job!

2. Jeremy Keith says… mar 29, 2005 | 5:57 pm

Personally, I think the monkey does all the work and Rob takes all the credit.

Talented monkey.

3. James Archer says… mar 29, 2005 | 6:46 pm

I’m pretty sure that this is the first time I’ve ever seen blackletter and stencil typefaces used together like that.

Is “Pre-WWII German Military Crate” the new “Wicked Worn”?

(In any case, nice work Rob!)

4. Brian says… mar 29, 2005 | 6:59 pm


5. monkeyinabox says… mar 29, 2005 | 7:15 pm

Anything with a monkey is bound to be good!

6. Steve Truett says… mar 29, 2005 | 11:07 pm

WOOT! Good stuff.

7. niff says… mar 30, 2005 | 8:41 am

My friends are all too good. you guys are starting to make me feel bad…really beautiful site Rob!

8. Walt says… mar 30, 2005 | 4:30 pm

Man. Every day I look around the web, I realize why I don’t have my own personal site yet - no one would be bothered to see it with all the great sites like Jason and Rob’s around!

I never saw any of the old incarnations of Rob’s site, but at any rate, the current version is indeed very nice.

9. Jason Beaird says… mar 30, 2005 | 5:40 pm

As fond as I am of intelligent Monkey banter, I am most impressed with the daily haiku. That’s the best use of word-of-the-day ever.

10. Joe Clay says… mar 30, 2005 | 11:28 pm

Is “Pre-WWII German Military Crate” the new “Wicked Worn”?

Depends on if the crate is genuine…

11. Michael says… apr 1, 2005 | 9:43 am

Rob, great site. Love Virtual Stan…hilarious!

12. seba says… apr 4, 2005 | 8:10 am

I really love Rob’s site! The boxed-in Virtual Stan is so amazingly funny. Oh before I forget. Let the monkey run for president!!!

13. don says… apr 5, 2005 | 11:48 am

I think the army typeface looks really bad with the script of the other fonts. but otherwise its nice.