April 11, 2005

Design In-Flight: April 2005

The latest issue of Design In-Flight comes out tomorrow (PDF excerpt). In addition to the high-caliber articles we’ve come to expect from DIF like “Acing the interview: Tips and techniques for success” by Khoi Vinh and “The more things stay the same, the more they change” by Molly E. Holzschlag; you will find another stunning cover by Kevin Cornell and the first installment of his new comic series Six Penny Anthems. I also make an appearance (alongside Cory Doctorow, Cameron Moll, and Tantek Çelik) in “Who owns your portfolio?”, another Special Report interview from Suw Charman. DIF keeps delivering; if you haven’t subscribed yet, give it a whirl.

Commentary (5):

1. Chris Alexander says… apr 11, 2005 | 11:46 am

First time commentor says: I have to agress with Jason on this one. This magazine is one of the best on web related design issues that I have been able to find. It is also very inexpensive for the superior quality that it lives up to each quarter it is released.

I am currently studying web design in California and this magazine has proved to be a valuable resource. I highly recommend that you go out and get it!

Jason, I visit your blog regularly. Keep up the great work and thanks for introducing me to Pitchfork. I check it out now on almost a daily basis.

2. Matt Johnson says… apr 11, 2005 | 6:51 pm

I am definitely subscribing tomorrow!

3. Calrion says… apr 12, 2005 | 3:57 am

Design In-Flight rocks! I first heard of it at issue 2, which I immediately purchased and subscribed shortly after. At USD$13 a year it’s cheap at twice the price (though don’t tell Andy that, or he might up ‘em again)!

4. Matt Johnson says… apr 14, 2005 | 12:21 am

I just bought it today, and printed it off my officejet all-in-one, and read it. And wow I was very impressed by the quality of information in there. I would have paid alot more than $3 for that kind of info. Though like most mags, some articles were less interesting than others, but that happens.

Can’t wait for the next one!

5. Jan Brasna says… apr 14, 2005 | 6:30 pm

Damn, why does still PayPal ignore new EU countries? I still can’t subscribe DIF because PayPal doesn’t allow me to :’(

It’s a great mag, I’ve read some parts of it, I’d love to have it subscribed, I’ve been trying to do so for some 6 months… :/ No luck.